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The Indiana Urban Forest Council has a variety of educational materials available for download in PDF format. Please follow the links below for more information.
2017 Indiana Arbor Day Poster Contest 

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Community and Urban Forestry Program is excited to announce the 2017 Indiana Arbor Day Poster Contest! This year’s theme will be: 



The goal of this year’s contest is to increase awareness of the variety of Native Tree Species in Indianato educate our youth about Right Tree, Right Place, and to open an opportunity for a broader discussion on diversity.

The contest is open to all 5th graders, throughout the State of Indiana. The web link below brings you the official poster contest webpage hosted by Arbor Rangers and includes rules and registration information as well as teacher resources for the contest.

2017 Arbor Day Poster Contest Website   

Web address:

Indiana State Standards can be applied to the Arbor Day Poster Contest:

IDNR has made several changes to simplify the contest for 2017 in the hopes of increasing participation and awareness among our young people. One of these steps was to provide several choices for age appropriate lesson plans that can align with Indiana academic standards for 5th graders. We have included some of the standards, and links to the lesson plans below.

We encourage you to explore and find the right lesson plan for your classroom. Just like the right tree needs the right place, the right classroom needs right lesson plan.

  • Visual Arts, 5.8- Experience the integrative nature of visual arts, other arts disciplines, and disciplines outside the arts, and understand the arts as a critical component of learning and comprehension in all subject areas.
  • Social Studies, 5.3.11-12- Describe adaptation and how Native American Indians and colonists adapted to variations in the physical environment. Describe and analyze how specific physical features influenced historical events and movements.
  • Science, 5.ESS.3 & 3-5.E.2 - Investigate ways individual communities within the United States protect the Earth’s resources and environment. Construct and compare multiple plausible solutions to a problem based on how well each is likely to meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.
  • Health and Wellness, 5.8 - Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family and community health.

Resources with developed lesson plans:

Project Learning Tree

The Morton Arboretum

DNR Forestry  

 i-Tree Lessons 
These Newsletters are provided by IDNR Community & Urban Forestry.

Pruning Essentials
This Purdue Extension bulletin, FNR-506-W, is all about proper pruning.

The SUSI fact sheets are the results of a cooperative project between the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Community and Urban Forestry program and Indiana Urban Forest Council funded by a grant from the US Forest Service.

This page contains a variety of publications on trees and urban forestry.

Tree Stewards
The Tree Steward program focuses on a broad range of topics related to the urban forestry discipline. Courses are generally held every three months in all regions of the state.
 Educational Programs
IUFC sponsors three educational programs each year - a Winter and Summer Program as well as a Fall Conference. Each event is open to anyone interested in urban and community forestry.
 Previous Conference Presentations
 USDA Non-Discrimination Policy
The IUFC is funded in part by a grant from the U.S. Forest Service, an agency of the USDA. We would like to share with you that: 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal, and where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or all or part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the Department. (Not all prohibited bases will apply to all programs and/ or employment activities.)

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