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Tree Stewards Program

The Indiana Community Tree Steward program was developed to raise awareness about the value of our urban forest throughout the state.  Persons who complete the Tree Steward program have a broad base of urban forestry knowledge and are able to share that knowledge with others in their community. 

The program focuses on proper site selection, tree identification, proper tree maintenance, and identification of hazard trees and tree problems. This information is presented by urban forestry professionals throughout Indiana. The program was developed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Urban Forestry Program and the Marion County Cooperative Extension Service. 

The benefits of having Tree Stewards throughout the state are numerous.  Most importantly is that a Tree Steward is available in his or her community to share information on correct tree planting and care and is available for use in planning for and planting new trees on private and public property. Tree Stewards can help to organize events in their communities, such as Arbor Day, and explain the important benefits of the urban forest to residents. 

Trees provide aesthetic, economic and social benefits to communities and Tree Stewards provide a vehicle in which these benefits can be shared with others.  Trees clean the air, increase property values, combat erosion, cool the environment, reduce heating and cooling bills, provide shade and do many other things that positively impact communities.  A well-informed community can reap the many benefits of trees and learn to manage its urban forest in a way that promotes safety, beautification and a healthy environment.  Additionally, the Tree Stewards pledge to volunteer fifteen hours of service within their community or state urban forest. 

For more information on holding an Indiana Community Tree Stewards program in your county and what steps will be necessary to do so, please contact the Community and Urban Forestry office at (317) 234-6568  

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Tree Stewards Volunteer Reporting Form   PDF, or Excel
Tree Stewards
Tree Steward Trainings 2017

Greenfield, IN 
February 23 & 24
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Churubusco, IN
March 7 & 8 

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Hammond, IN
May 9 & 10
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Terre Haute, IN
July 10 & 11
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Advanced Tree Steward Training Options

Tree Board University -
E Learn Urban Forestry -

In Class:

In the Field:

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