Fly fishing waders can be a bit confusing, especially if you are just starting out with fly fishing. This article deals with some of the things you need to know before selecting a fly fishing wader.

Types of waders

It is very difficult to find a wader which is waterproof but also breathable. There are generally two types of waders:

Breathable Waders

These waders are made from nylon materials, which is both waterproof and breathable. They are some of the most versatile waders which helps moisture and heat escape. If you are fishing in warmer weather, these are the best fishing waders, but you would require layers of clothing if you are fishing in colder conditions.

Non-breathable waders

Non-breathable waders are made of neoprene material, which is the best when it comes to fishing in colder weather. As these waders are heavier, they are fully waterproof but will retain all the heat and moisture your body produces. These waders are a bad idea to wear during the warmer conditions as it will leave you sticky and sweaty.

Boot Foot and Stocking-Foot Waders

Boot foot waders are made from both nylon and neoprene are permanently attached to the legs of the water. It is easy to slide in and out of these waders without having to worry about adding boots.

Stocking foot waders do not have boots attached and are made from neoprene, these boots are like stockings which is attached to the legs and do not provide any real protection from the river.

Foot ware to wear with stocking foot waders

There is specific foot ware designed to go with stocking foot waders. Fly anglers generally choose stocking foot waders which allows them to wear any kind of wading boots. Just a wading boot which fits the best this allows you a lot of flexibility during fishing.

What clothing do you wear with waders?

Breathable waders have no insulation of their own; if you are working in colder temperatures, you would need to wear something underneath. Regardless, of outside temperature, if you are wearing a wader, you will sweat as the body creates moisture. It is important that you recognize the type of wader you are wearing and wear the right type of base layer to help you keep comfortable.

Wading pants

There are two main types of wader styles chest wader and wading pants. Chest waders are the most popular option as there is a great range of wader depths. Also, the chest portion can be lowered to the waist and secured to the wading pants. Wading pants only give coverage to the thigh; these waders are beneficial when wading in small streams and hot waters. There is not a lot of price difference; it all eventually comes down to your needs.