When it came to the cutting of logs into smaller pieces of wood or fire wood the traditional way, one used to run to get their hands on an axe and depending on the size, a mallet and some wooden and metallic chisel. These tools involved a lot of manual labor not to mention health risks and the exhaustion from the process. The tedious process was more than tiring.

With the advances to technology, came the innovation of better, efficient and less time consuming equipment machinery.  Whether soft or hard wood, when it comes to splitting logs, a Log Splitter not only comes in handy but also saves a lot of time and energy.

Hydraulic based.

This particular type of a splitter uses a hydraulic setting to exert pressure on a secured piece of log which ultimately leads to the log splitting to multiple smaller pieces. This is mostly preferred in a small-scale log splitting setting. However, more powerful models are produced for the big scale industries.

Mechanical saw based.

These types of log splitters are mostly powered by diesel engines. It uses a blade or sets of blades to cut logs into desired shapes and size. Since it is blade based, it is not economical for firewood splitting since most of the wood will be expelled as saw dust.

 Choosing a log splitter for the right work:

The kind of duties you intend to perform will highly determine the kind of splitter you acquire.

If it is for wood work, a blade/saw based is definitely more preferable. Of course all this depends on the type and size logs you will be working on too.

The hydraulic pressure need to be of higher quality if you plan to split hard wood logs.

Mostly powered by a fuel engine, a simple log splitter may also come with an electrical powering motor that drives the hydraulic pump that exerts enough pressure to split a log into smaller wood pieces.  Electrical motor based log splitters are mostly preferred for a domestic setting since electricity is readily available.


A good log splitter can save you hours’ worth of work, it has proven impossible to make them completely safe, secure and harm free. A lot of caution should be exercised when dealing with a log splitter, since the log is subjected to high pressure that makes it a lethal weapon. Log splitter companies have come up with installations that keep the user away from harm such as shield that cover the log during operation.

While in operation, it is always advisable to put on the appropriate attire. Personal protective clothing includes gumboots, heavy duty gloves, heavy duty apron, protective goggles, masks and a helmet.  Helpers should not be standing nearby, instead they should stay away and collect the wood pieces after the machine has been switched off. If you are interested in knowing more about log splitters check out best log splitter reviews and then make your purchases.